“COCOON” – The Best Security And Privacy Add-on For Firefox

Security is the most important aspect of your digital life, there is no doubt about it. But do you know that the Online Online Privacy is also important for your security. When you connect to the Web, you open a pipeline between your computer and every site you visit. Even trusted sites can contain malware - probing your computer's defenses for weaknesses. If you are using any public Wi-Fi access points such as in airports then Hackers can gain access to your computer. Fortunately there is a easy way to prevent this.


The Solution = The solution is very simple. A single Firefox Add-on can help you out. Its name is COCOON. It is the best Firefox Add-on I have seen so far. Security, Privacy, Portability and Spam Protection in a single add-on is just amazing.And at the top of all , It is FREE.


Cocoon Fiefox Addon


Main Features of Cocoon =


Privacy =  When you log into Cocoon everything you do is encrypted. Your browsing history, personal information, passwords used on another Websites, are all protected, and you're the only one with the key. Cocoon's encryption even protects you from hackers at open WiFi access points such as coffee shops and airports. Cocoon is a proxy service that runs seamlessly with your browser as a plugin. Every site you visit gets run through a secure servers first. No information is revealed about you, your IP address, your Internet service provider, or your geographic location.


Security =  Cocoon has taken an enterprise-grade virus scanning solution and made it available to all their users. This anti-virus system scans all downloads to detect viruses, malware, Trojans and other threats to online security. This allows Cocoon to prevent viruses & malicious software from ever reaching your computer. Plus, the platform is updated multiple times per day so it's always up to date. Cocoon prevents automatic drive-by-downloads and prevents you from being tricked into manually downloading malware.


No Spam = With Cocoon Mailslots, you can easily create a disposable email address anytime you're asked for one online. You can then forward or delete emails you get to that address and even delete the address completely when you're done with it.


Portability = Cocoon lets your online experience go with you from computer to computer. When you log into Cocoon, you always have access to your previous browsing history. Never again will you have to try to remember what that website was you visited on another computer, or have your login info for a website saved only on your work computer and not available on your home computer.


Get Cocoon = Cocoon is a Firefox Add-on so you don’t have to install any software to your computer. you will only need a COCOON Online Account and a Firefox add-on. After registering a free account go to the COCOON download page and click the “Add To Firefox” button.


Cocoon Fiefox Addon 1


After restarting your Firefox you will the the Cocoon Toolbar installed. Now provide your Account information into the toolbar to Log-In to your account. After successful Log-In your toolbar color will change to Blue.


Cocoon Fiefox Addon 2


Now when you will visit any website then you connection will be encrypted and so you don’t have to worry about your privacy and security.


Why Coon Is So Great =


The main reason would be its price. You cant beat the price tag of FREE (Hope that it always stays FREE). Apart from the price there are other reasons also. You don’t have to install and configure a whole lot of software to use the service. A single Firefox Add-on will do the trick. Since it is only a Add-on therefore it is completely cross-platform. You can use it in Windows, Mac OS or in Linux.

“COCOON” – The Best Security And Privacy Add-on For Firefox
Nirab Sarma Sunday, October 30, 2011
Nirab Sarma

Author: Nirab Sarma

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