How To Clear “Event Viewer Log” In Windows 7 In Just One Click

Now with the help of a small script you can clear your Windows’ “Event Viewer Log” very easily. Event Viewer records computer occurrences regarding security, hardware and software changes. Even though this maintenance helper manages details continually, you must clear it out occasionally because once the event log capacity is full, the Event Viewer stops recording. And if you are average computer user then there is a very small possibility that you are ever going to use the “Event Viewer”.


Windows Event Viewer


Even though you can manually clear your event viewer logs , it is still a very lengthy process and a little bit of complicated as well. Therefore I am going to show you a simple and easy method to get the job done. First of all you will need a simple script (a .bat file) . I have already created the script for you and you can Download the .bat file .


Clear Event Viewer Log


Now save the file to your “Desktop”. Right-Click on your file and click “Run As Administrator”.


Clear Event Viewer Log 1


You will now see a screen like above screenshot. That’s mean your event viewer log files are being cleaned. After some time the “Scrolling List” will stop, then you can close that window. Congratulation , now your “Event Viewer Log” files are completely cleaned. You can repeat the process after every one or two months.