How To Corrupt A File Intentionally, It Can Save You From Trouble

Corrupt a file intentionally to save you from trouble. Well the first question rises here “why would anyone would like to corrupt a file ?”. If you are a student or a employee then a simple corrupted file can save you from a lot of trouble. When you have to deliver a project on time to your boss, customer or teacher but unable to do so , then you can send then a corrupted file to get some extra time.

How To Corrupt A File Intentionally, It Can Save You From Trouble

The online service CorruptMyFile is an amazing concept. First, select any file of any Size. It can be any kind of file: Word, Excel, archives, MP3... anything! Now give that file a name related to your Project or assignment such that your teacher/boss will believe that this is the right file. Now go to the website and upload your file by clicking “Choose File”. It will upload your file to their server and corrupt it. After sometime you will be given an option to download the corrupted file. After downloaded, try to open the file. If you see a “File Corrupted Error” in your program, then job is done. Now you can submit the file to your Teacher/Boss and concentrate on your real project. This is an amazing service Because it can give you some extra time to complete your project or assignment.

Note = This article is written only to show you, what technology can do for you. I personally don’t encourage you to do so in real life. I will not take any responsibility if you get caught while trying to implement this trick in your real life.
How To Corrupt A File Intentionally, It Can Save You From Trouble
Nirab Sarma Friday, November 18, 2011
Nirab Sarma

Author: Nirab Sarma

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