How To Get IE9 Like Tracking Protection Feature In Chrome

In Chrome, Get IE9 Tracking Protection feature with the help of a small extension. Internet Explorer 9 comes with a very good security and privacy feature called “Tracking Protection List” which basically prevent online Advertisers from tracking your online activities.  By using a small extension called “Chromeblock” you can get similar Tracking Protection Feature in your Google Chrome Browser.


Chromeblock is a very good  Google Chrome extension that that can block web beacons, bugs, and other tracking technologies used by advertisers to track your online activities and help to protect your Privacy. Currently it can block around hundreds of different tracking networks including Google, MSN, Alexa, Cleeki, etc. You can easily see who is tracking your activities on a particular website you visit and then block any of them by simply clicking on the ChromeBlock icon and changing the option “Not Blocked Here” to “Blocked Here.” You can also opt-out from all the Advertising Networks in advance by clicking the “show global settings” link.


Chromeblock- Get IE9 Like Tracking Protection Feature In Chrome


This is a must have extension for every Google Chrome users. You can download it from Official Chrome Web Store. You can also check out a similar article where I Have described How To Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Online Activities.

How To Get IE9 Like Tracking Protection Feature In Chrome
Nirab Sarma Sunday, November 20, 2011
Nirab Sarma

Author: Nirab Sarma

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