Optimize OneNote Notebooks For Better Performance

A Proper optimization and maintenance is always necessary for any computer program to work efficiently. Same is the case for OneNote. If you are using OneNote for a long time then your Notebook size must have grown to a huge size. If you continue to work like this then gradually the required to open and navigate your Notebook will increase and hence the performance will decrease. Today I will show you how you can optimize your Notebooks to get a performance boost.


Optimize OneNote Notebooks For Better Performance

Before you proceed to the next steps and try to optimize your OneNote Notebooks, You should check out my Previous article where I have described How to do a proper maintenance of your computer. Because if your computer itself is not well optimized, then what’s the point of Optimizing your Notebooks. Now lets go to the main procedure. Just follow the simples steps below =



First of all Open OneNote from your Start-Menu. Now Click on the “File Button” and select “Options” from the back-stage view of OneNote.


Optimize OneNote Notebooks For Better Performance


Now in the “Options” window navigate to the “Save & Backup” tab and in this tab find the section “Optimizing Files”.


Optimize OneNote Notebooks for better Performance


Now make sure that the “Check Box” is checked, it will optimize your notebook if your OneNote is inactive for certain amount of time. You can specify that time in the box beside it. The default time is 20 min, but I will suggest you to reduce it to about 15 min. Now click “Optimize All Files Now” to optimize your Notebook instantly. This process will take some time depending on your Notebook size. After the Optimization is complete, exit your OneNote and reopen it. This time you can feel the difference. Your OneNote will open almost instantly.

Optimize OneNote Notebooks For Better Performance
Nirab Sarma Saturday, November 26, 2011
Nirab Sarma

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