2 Best Firefox Alternative Browsers Based On Mozilla

Pale Moon and Epic Browser ( First Indian Web Browser ) are the best alternative of Firefox which are also based on same Mozilla Project but comes with some custom features. Usually you don’t have to search for a alternative for a great browser like Firefox, but sometimes the extra features that these alternate browsers offer becomes very useful. Now let us take look at these browsers in details.


Few days ago I wrote an article about 3 Best Alternatives For Google Chrome , today I am going to write about Two Best alternative browser for Firefox. Those two browsers are Pale Moon and Epic Browser . I will discuss about both of them one by one.


Pale-Moon-Browser-Best Firefox Alternative Browsers Based On Mozilla


Pale Moon browser is extremely close to Firefox in the way it works, does not have all the functions that Firefox has. A few, carefully selected, features have been disabled that are not in high demand, and that do not interfere with the way web pages are displayed or function; all to maximize speed and efficiency of the browser.


Main features:=


1. Highly optimized for modern processors
2. 100% Firefox sourced: As safe as the browser that has seen years of development.
3. Uses slightly less memory because of disabled redundant and optional code
4. Significant speed increases for page drawing and script processing
5. Stability: experience fewer browser crashes.
6. Support for SVG and Canvas, and downloadable fonts including WOFF 
7. Support for HTML5 and WebGL (v4+)
8. Support for Firefox extensions (add-ons), themes and personas
9. Support for OOPP (Out-of-process plugin execution)


Download = You can download it from Pale Moon Official Website.


Epic-Browser - Best Firefox Alternative Browsers Based On Mozilla


Epic Browser is the first ever web browser for India. It is Built on the latest Mozilla similar to Firefox. Tweaked for Speed, Faster Browsing and Faster Downloads.


Main Features =


1. 1500+ FREE apps that install instantly.Have more fun. Be more productive. Or both.

2. Personalize Epic. Epic is the first browser to offer full-screen wallpaper images.

3. With one-click in any text-box, start typing in any of 12 Indian languages. Type how the word sounds in English, and Epic will convert it to the Indic language.

4. Live Cricket Scores. Top Albums. News from 200 Leading Sources. Regional and Hindi Language News. Stock Quotes. Events. Even a Daily Joke.

5. Choose from thousands of radio stations across hundreds of music genres. Get desktop alerts for each new song played!

6. Create quick notes or documents in English & Indian languages instantly in light-weight Epic Write.

7. Don't miss a beat. Get instant desktop alerts for new tweets, e-mails and Facebook posts.


Download = You can it from  Download Epic Browser’s Official Website.