Run Android Apps On Your Windows 7 PC using “BlueStacks App Player”

Now you can run Android Apps on Windows PCs and Tablets and enjoy your favorite Android apps full-screen and fast on your very own windows 7. Now you can take advantages of your computer’s high processing power to run high-end Android application and games very smoothly. And if you currently don’t own any android device and want to get the test of android apps then this is a win win situation for you.


Run Android apps on Windows


BlueStacks App Player Features and Technology =


BlueStacks App Player for Windows lets you run Android apps on Windows PC and tablets, allowing you to enjoy your favorite Android apps, while optimizing the bigger display and faster processor in your Windows PC and tablets.Using your mouse or your touch pad, you can play your favorite Android games on a Windows machine.Aside from enjoying game apps, you also get to enjoy social networking apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and keep yourself updated on latest news with Pulse right on your Windows desktop.


Because BlueStacks uses virtualization technology, it can run multiplatform apps simultaneously on the same machine.The program’s developers also claim that the latest version of BlueStacks supports different operating systems (and apps developed for those operating systems). Thus, it can run Android on Windows or vice-versa.Moreover, the BlueStacks user interface is user configurable and can be integrated with custom software designed by PC manufacturers.



BlueStacks App Player Demo




Download =  You can download “BlueStacks App Player” from BlueStacks Website. Currently it supports only Windows 7 and can be downloaded for free. A premium or Pro version is also currently being worked on and will soon be released.

Run Android Apps On Your Windows 7 PC using “BlueStacks App Player”
Nirab Sarma Wednesday, November 02, 2011
Nirab Sarma

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