Stop OneNote From Continuously Running In Background

Remove OneNote From Notification Area. If you have MS Office installed in your computer then you must have noticed that After your MS Office installation your OneNote starts to run continuously in the background and occupy a permanent position in the notification area of your taskbar. This is useful for the convenient access of the program, but if you don’t use OneNote that much then you can prevent it from continuously running and improve your system performance by a very very small margin.


Prevent OneNote From Continuously Running In Background


In its default settings, OneNote is set to run automatically during windows startup and hence it is always available in your taskbar. In this tutorial we are going to learn how you can prevent this. First of all Open OneNote from your Start-Menu. Now Click on the “File Button” and select “Options” from the back-stage view of OneNote.


Prevent OneNote From Continuously Running In Background


Now In the Options Window Navigate to the “Display” tab and Unselect the First option. Highlighted in the Screenshot below. It will remove your OneNote from the taskbar. Now you have to remove it from your “Start Up” folder to prevent future “Automatic Start”.


Prevent OneNote From Continuously Running In Background


To remove it from your startup folder, go to “Start menu” > All Programs > Startup folder. There, delete the icon “OneNote 2010 Screen Clipper and Launcher” . That’s it... In future if you ever need to revert back, then just re-select the highlighted option in the above screenshot.



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