How To Get PhotoBooth For Windows 7

There is a very popular application available for Mac or iPad 2 called PhotoBooth, which allows you to take pictures using the webcam on your computer and apply special effects to them for fun. But if you are a windows user and want to have same application on your windows computer then there is a good news for you. There is also a PhotoBooth Clone app available for your windows which allows you to take pictures and apply effects such as thermal camera,  comic book, sketch, etc….


PhotoBooth For Windows 7 can auto detects your default cam and allows you to take quick snaps. If you click Effects button, you can hit the Camera button to take four instant thumbnail snaps. The snap can be uploaded to Facebook and Flickr by authorizing PhotoBooth application.


PhotoBooth For Windows 7


You can download PhotoBooth from the developer’s Deviant Art Page.



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