How To Get “Word Count” Feature In OneNote

“Word Count” is a great feature of Microsoft Word, which basically allows you to review how many words and Characters you have written in the document. But If you have tried to find this word count feature in your OneNote application, then you must have noticed that, OneNote doesn’t comes with the Word Count feature. But Today I will show you how you can get the “ Word Count” feature in OneNote.


We are going to use a small application called “OneNote word Count’ which will add the Word Count feature to your OneNote. You will need to have Office 2007 or Office 2010 installed in your computer, as this application is compatible with only OneNote 2007 and OneNote 2010.


The process is extremely simple. First go to the OneNote PowerToys Website and download the utility for your current version of OneNote. If you are using OneNote 2007 then Download Word Count For OneNote 2007 and if you are using OneNote 2010 then download Word Count for OneNote 2010. After that, install the software in your computer.


How To Get “Word Count” Feature In OneNote


Now open your OneNote application and in the Ribbon, navigate to the “Review” tab. There you will notice the newly added “Word Count” entry.


How To Get “Word Count” Feature In OneNote


In any OneNote page, just click on that “Word Count” entry to use the feature. In a pop-up window you will be able to see the Words, Characters and Paragraphs you have on that particular OneNote page. Simple….

How To Get “Word Count” Feature In OneNote
Nirab Sarma Sunday, January 22, 2012
Nirab Sarma

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