Cocoon For IE – Best Privacy Add-on For Internet Explorer

Previously I have written about  “COCOON” – The Best Security And Privacy Add-on For Firefox which provides Security, Privacy, Portability and Spam Protection just in a single add-on. Previously COCOON was only available for Firefox but recently the developers have Added support for Internet Explorer and now the IE users can also enjoy the benefits of this wonderful Add-on.


Cocoon For IE – Best Privacy Add-on For Internet Explorer


Cocoon Internet Explorer offers the same protection that the Firefox Version offers:


1. Antivirus scanning of downloads
2. Encrypted browsing history
3. IP address anonymising

4. Malware blocking
5. On-the-fly disposable e-mail addresses
6. Secure public Wi-Fi


Cocoon For IE – Best Privacy Add-on For Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer users can easily Download Cocoon for free, which instantly provides users with greater privacy protection, security and convenience when surfing the Web. Cocoon works by securely connecting over any network to Cocoon’s servers, providing enterprise-grade virus protection and encrypting all interactions preventing “man in the middle attacks.”


Your privacy is protected because websites and advertisers only see Cocoon servers, hiding your unique IP address and preventing your online activity from being tracked by cookies. Unlike traditional anti-virus software, Cocoon prevents malicious software and virus downloads by instantly scanning files for viruses before they reach your computer.


Cocoon For IE – Best Privacy Add-on For Internet Explorer


The Internet Explorer support by Cocoon is a very nice move by the developers because many peoples are still using Internet explorer and don’t want to use Firefox to be able to use or enjoy the benefits of Cocoon. But here I want to mention that till now Cocoon only supports IE 8 or above so upgrade your browsers as soon as possible.



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