Stop Any Websites From Tracking Your Online Activities

Previously I have written How To  Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Online Activities , But Facebook is not the only culprit. Almost all websites specially the social networking sites and the ad agencies track your online activities such that they can provide ads specially targeted to your browsing habits. Sounds scary right. Well, we can stop this tracking with the help of a simple browser add-on “Do Not Track Plus”.


Stop Any Websites From Tracking Your Online Activities


Before we go into the main article, you should first know want is Online Tracking. Let's say you're browsing online, looking to buy something. Advertising companies are following you behind the scenes,

collecting lots of info about you. It's like you have a tracking device in your pocket. They can see what you're looking at and where you are. They follow you across the web, always adding more info to the profile they have of you. Based on all they know about you, they can change the ads you see,and charge you different prices than other people for the same things. Tracking is directly related to a user’s privacy online. Tracking happens in a number of various ways, but they all have in common that they track the user globally and not only on a single domain or website. This is done with a number of technological tricks, cookies for instance, unique identifiers or even a user’s IP address if it is not dynamic. User profiles are generated that are either sold to other companies, or used to display targeted ads to that user. If you are a computer user who is serious about online privacy then you should definitely stop websites from tracking your online activities. To do so just follow this simple method.


Stop Any Websites From Tracking Your Online Activities


In this method we are going to use a browser add-on called “Do Not Track Plus” available for both Pc and mac. Currently Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers are supported and Opera support is on the way. To install the add-on, just go to the “Do Not Track Plus” Website and click the “Download Now” button. It will install the add-on to your browser.


After the installation is complete, you will see a New Button on your browser toolbar like in the screenshot below. When you visit a website you will see the extension’s address bar icon indicate the number of tracking related scripts that run on the site. All tracking related scripts are sorted into the three categories social buttons, ad networks and companies. You can click on an entry to see a detailed listing of the scripts that run on the site. That's it! Now you can browse like usual, with one difference: no one's tracking you!


Stop Any Websites From Tracking Your Online Activities


The Features of “Do Not Track Plus” =


1. FREE online tracking protection
2. Blocks trackers before they get your information
3. Blocks trackers 24/7
4. Protects you from over 125 tracking technologies
5. Updates itself automatically to catch new trackers
6. Both PC and Mac - IE, Firefox, Safari, & Chrome!


Well, as you can see it is not very difficult to stop online tracking. The only thing you have to do is just install a browser add-on. As you can see the proper knowledge of Technology is the most important for your privacy and security and can make the difference. Please share this article with your friends and family and spread the knowledge. Thank you…..

Stop Any Websites From Tracking Your Online Activities
Nirab Sarma Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Nirab Sarma

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