Metro Start Button For Windows 8 Taskbar

When the Developer Preview Release of Windows 8 came out, everyone was surprised to see that Microsoft has replaced the traditional Windows Start Menu with a completely new Metro Start Screen. But with the release of the Consumer Preview ( Beta ), Microsoft has gone even further and removed the Start Button from the Taskbar. That’s why I have developed ( Created ) an application to bring at least the Start Button to Windows 8 taskbar for easy and Convenient access.


Metro Start Button For Windows 8 Taskbar


As you can see in the screenshot above, Microsoft has completely removed the “Start Button” from Windows 8’s Taskbar. When you want to visit the start screen, from windows 8’s desktop, either you have to press the “Win” key on your keyboard or have to move your mouse curser to the bottom left of the screen to reveal the  hidden start screen button. You can also move your mouse curser to the upper Right corner of your screen to reveal the hidden “Charm Bar” and from there you can go to the Start Screen by clicking on the “Start Logo”.


Honestly , this makes no sense. Specially if you are coming to Windows 8 from an earlier version of Windows, then You don’t want to follow that many steps just to open up your Start-Screen. That is why I have developed a very simple app With which you can get your Start Button on it’s previous place ( in the Taskbar) and your Start-Screen is just a click away.


I have given the name “Metro Start Button” to the application. First Download Metro Start Button Zip archive, extract the application file and save it to your desktop or any other place within your hard drive.




Now simply Right-Click on the application and select “Pin To Taskbar” option from the context-menu. That’s it. Now you can see the “Metro Start Button” app icon on your taskbar.




Now drag and move that icon to the extreme left of your taskbar. That means now you have “Metro Start Button” app icon where previously there was the “Start Button”.


Metro Start Button For Windows 8 Taskbar


Now whenever you will click on the “Metro Start Button” icon on your Taskbar, you will be redirected to the Start screen of your Windows 8. In short, this is your new Start Button.


Download Metro Start Button


Note = If you are webmaster and want to share this app with your Blog or website readers, then please don’t host the app on your server, instead please link-back to this page.

Metro Start Button For Windows 8 Taskbar
Nirab Sarma Saturday, March 17, 2012
Nirab Sarma

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