How To Get A Clipboard For Chrome Browser

I hope you already know about your Windows Clipboard, which serves as a temporary location for your data during your copy - paste operations. Similarly whenever you use to copy-paste data from one browser window to another, by default your browser uses your Windows’ Clipboard for the operation But today we are going to discuss how to makes copy/paste easy by providing Clipboard to the browser itself, that can hold multiple items.


Browser Clipboard is an official Google Chrome Extension that  makes copy/paste easy by providing a panel that can hold multiple items. Using the extension is fun and easy. Just go to the extension’s page on chrome web store and install it to your browser. After the installation is complete, a small tutorial page will be shown to you to better understand how the extension works, I advice you to read that small tutorial.


How To Get A Clipboard For Chrome Browser


Browser Clipboard shows/hides automatically but if you want to do it manually then you can click on the Toolbar icon to show or hide the Clipboard panel. To use the clipboard first Select some text or pick an image and start dragging. Browser Clipboard will appear and the items can be dropped on it. Now you can go to any other page and drag the copied items from the Browser Clipboard into the elements of the page. Instead of dragging, the selection or an image/link can also be copied to the Browser Clipboard using the context menu.


How To Get A Clipboard For Chrome Browser



Text items can be edited by double-clicking on them. Double-clicking on the Browser Clipboard creates a new item. If you need to copy the same item multiple times, you can make it sticky using the pin icon. Sticky items are not automatically removed from the Browser Clipboard when being dragged off. Any data copied to the Browser Clipboard is stored only in your browser's memory, on your local machine. Once an item is removed from the Browser Clipboard, or the browser is closed, the data is automatically deleted and there is no way to restore it.


If you are a Google Chrome user then you should definitely give this extension a try because this extension will help to increase your productivity .

How To Get A Clipboard For Chrome Browser
Nirab Sarma Saturday, April 21, 2012
Nirab Sarma

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