Get Bing Background Wallpaper On Google Homepage

Google is undoubtedly the best and biggest search engine which has a very minimalistic user interface but delivers most accurate and related search results. On the other hand Bing may not be the most popular search engine but it is certainly popular for it’s beautiful and awesome background images which are updated by Microsoft each and every day. If you are user who want the accuracy of Google and the look of Bing in the same search engine then this article is for you.


Get Bing Background Wallpaper On Google Homepage


Actually Google is like Windows XP which is smart, intelligent and completely focused on it’s work but sometimes it looks dull and boring. Where as Bing is like windows Vista which is beautiful and gorgeous but not so great when it comes to productivity. But we are looking for a Search engine like everyone's favorite Windows 7. Completely elegant, productive and at the same time looks awesome. It’s like finding a girlfriend  who has beauty with brain. Well, it may be very difficult to find a girlfriend like that but you can certainly get a search-engine like that.


Here we are not trying to find any new search engine. Instead we are going to give Google a new Make-over. Actually its like applying a Transformation pack on Windows XP machine to give it a better look.


Ok, enough said, now come to our actual article. we all know that Ever since Microsoft launched Bing, it’s home-page showcases a beautiful wallpaper every day. After a year later Google also tweaked the homepage and made it possible to add background image to the search homepage. But this feature is only limited to their  signed-in users and you have to manually add the background image, Which is not a very solution.


If you are a person who prefer to use Google search engine for it’s accurate search results but at the same time want to see Bing’s homepage wallpapers then you will be happy to know that now you can now easily set the Bing wallpaper as Google search homepage background with the help of a simple Google Chrome Extension called “Bing wallpaper for Google homepage”.


Get Bing Background Wallpaper On Google Homepage


The Google Chrome extension “Bing wallpaper for Google homepage” ( Sorry! Link is Dead )  basically allows you to automatically set Bing homepage wallpaper as Google search homepage background. just install the extension on your chrome browser and after that whenever you will open Google search homepage, you will be able to see the Bing wallpaper as Google background.


Get Bing Background Wallpaper On Google Homepage


The extension doesn’t provide any major customization option but you can certainly select a few options on the extension’s settings page. The provided options are very basic and simple to understand. So I will not write in details here. Just install the extension on your chrome browser and you will be able to find out by yourself.

Get Bing Background Wallpaper On Google Homepage
Nirab Sarma Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Nirab Sarma

Author: Nirab Sarma

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