Remove “Trending Articles” From Facebook’s News Feed

Recently I have written an article about the Facebook’s latest addition to their news Feed section called “Trending Articles” which is almost useless for most of the Facebook user and nothing but an extra clutter to user’s news feed section. Even though the “Trending Articles” section is a very new feature and not even made available for all users but still many users are complaining about it want to get rid of this “Trending Articles” section From their Facebook’s News Feed.


Remove “Trending Articles” From Facebook’s News Feed


The “Trending Articles” section is basically a group of five stories pulled from the social reader apps of news organizations like The Guardian, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. As shown in the screenshot above you can see that it comes with a thumbnail, headline, source and a snippet of the story, as well as the name of the friend(s) who have already read it. According to a spokesperson for Facebook, they are introducing “Trending Articles” To help people discover the articles that are most popular among their friends who use social news timeline apps. They are currently testing new ways of displaying these articles in News Feed. If you want to know more about the “Trending Articles” then you can read my previous article “Facebook's Trending Articles Is Set To Clutter the News Feed Once Again”


Remove “Trending Articles” From Facebook’s News Feed


But the worst part of the “Trending Articles” is that it don’t display  the most popular news articles being shared on Facebook from across the web or the most popular articles that your network has been reading, instead this new feature is designed to promote only articles from social reading apps. And for that reason many readers will find this new feature completely useless.


Remove “Trending Articles” From Facebook’s News Feed


If you are one of those people who think that the new “Trending Articles” feature is not a cup of tea for you and want to get rid of it desperately then this article is for you. Simply follow the following simple steps and you can make your News Feed clutter free in seconds.


Step 1 : We are going to use the popular browser add-on Stylish, and a user-style to remove the “Trending Articles” section from our Facebook News feed. If you are using Firefox then Install Stylish For Firefox from the official Add-On gallery. Google Chrome user can Install Stylish For Chrome from the Chrome web store.


Remove “Trending Articles” From Facebook’s News Feed


Step 2 : Now go to page and install “Facebook Remove Trending Articles”  user-style script with your Stylish Add-on.


Step 3 : You are done. Now whenever you will go to your Facebook account, you will not see the “Trending Articles” section in your News Feed.


Well, This Trending Articles feature is still being tested among a small selected number of users and not yet available for all users. I hope when this feature made it’s way to all user’s News Feed, at least we get an option to remove it from our News Feed because for me it is pretty useless and I am sure that you also love to keep your news completely clutter free like me. But if Facebook don’t provide any way to remove this “Trending Articles” then you can remove it manually by following the simple methods described in this article.

Remove “Trending Articles” From Facebook’s News Feed
Nirab Sarma Wednesday, May 02, 2012
Nirab Sarma

Author: Nirab Sarma

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