Spotflux – Your Online Privacy Is Now In Your Own Hands

Security is the most important aspect of your digital life, there is no doubt about it. But do you know that the Online Online Privacy is also important for your security. When you connect to the Web, you open a pipeline between your computer and every site you visit. If you are using any public Wi-Fi access points such as in airports then Hackers can gain access to your computer. With the proper knowledge of Online privacy and security you can experience a more private, safe, and free internet.


The internet is a wonderful world of entertainment, information and opportunities, all there for you to explore but Unfortunately it comes with some very unpleasant surprises like Hackers, Viruses, Identity thieves, Blocked websites, snooping Internet Providers and Malicious cookies. Until now to stop all that you need to install, update a long list of programs, plugins, updates and browser settings. There is just no way that a normal computer user can keep track of all those to secure their online privacy and security. But now you can secure your online privacy and security by using a simple program called “Spotflux”.


Spotflux – Your Online Privacy Is Now On Your Hands


Spotflux is a more private, safe, and free internet experience because it lets you take control of the internet. Spotflux empowers people to take control of their internet connection by providing an easy to use unified security and privacy tool. Spotflux harnesses the power of the cloud to conduct millions of real-time checks for invasive tracking, advertisements, malware, and other undesirable artifacts that pose a threat to your identity or your data.


Below you can see how the Spotflux works in a very simple way =


Spotflux – Your Online Privacy Is Now On Your Hands


Features of Spotflux =


1. Encrypted and Secure Connection = Whether at home, travelling, or on a public WiFi, Spotflux encrypts and secures your connection and protects your privacy while browsing.


2. Malware and Virus Protection = Spotflux continuously scans and protects your connection for inbound threats such as malware and viruses.


3. Open and Unrestricted Access = Spotflux doesn't believe in limiting or blocking access to content. Access is always open and unrestricted while connected to Spotflux.


4. Private, Ad-free Browsing Experience = Enjoy clean ad-free browsing without tracking or targeted advertisements. Spotflux saves bandwidth, hides your IP address, and keeps your location private.


Spotflux is not just another Proxy or VPN service. While they do tunnel and encrypt your internet traffic, once it reaches their cloud they conduct millions of real-time and automated calculations to remove tracking cookies, malicious viruses, and other nasty things from your internet connection. They are developing some really interesting technology to enhance your privacy and security online. You can Download Spotflux from their official website and try out the service by yourself. Currently it supports Windows and Macintouch systems but the mobile client is coming very soon.

Spotflux – Your Online Privacy Is Now In Your Own Hands
Nirab Sarma Tuesday, May 01, 2012
Nirab Sarma

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