Review Of FixBee - A Free Disk Cleanup And Optimization Software

Your personal Computer is more or less like a relationship, almost all of you have a PC but a very few of them are actually healthy. Yes, it is very easy to use a computer or get into a relationship but maintaining your computer is the actual part just like in a relationship. I absolutely can't do anything about your relationship but I can certainly guide you how to keep your computer healthy and error free. Today we are going to discuss about a free Disk Cleanup And Optimization Software called "FixBee".


If your are computer is suffering from Slow startup and shutdown times, Frequent crashes and errors, Duplicate or unused files, Slow program response times, Poor overall system performance then FixBee can correct all of these issues in a few clicks of your mouse.


Features of FixBee =


Review Of FixBee - A Free Disk Cleanup And Optimization Software


Disk Optimizer = Improve data access speeds and boosts system performance by defragmenting your hard disk. When you add files to your hard drive it doesn't fill up in an organized way. Because your computer has to sort through this unordered data it runs more slowly. FixBee organizes or “defragments” the data and makes your PC faster. You can select the drive that you want to optimize. This basically checks for file fragmentation and runs a defragmentation on the selected drive.


System Cleanup = Remove duplicate and unnecessary files to free up hard drive space. In addition to your hard drive data not being orderly, your PC is full of unnecessary files and duplicates. FixBee sorts through this data and not only organizes it neatly, it deletes leftover and useless files. A start scan now button is displayed that starts the system scan for temporary and junk files to free up disk space. The application offers no filtering options prior to the scan. The results are divided into junk files, temporary files and empty folders.


Scheduled Maintenance = To keep your PC running smoothly, FixBee provides automated maintenance so you don't even have to worry about remembering to defragment your computer!


Review Of FixBee - A Free Disk Cleanup And Optimization Software


Review Of FixBee =


To use FixBee on your computer, first Download FixBee from Softpedia ( official website is not working ). The installation process is actually not very straight forward. When you download the software from it's website, it will download a small online installer to your computer and you have to execute that installer to actually download the main installer file. while installing, you will be given two options. First option is "Typical Installation" where it tries to get you to add "Searchqu toolbar" then keep "Searchqu as your "homepage" and "" as your default search engine. If you don't want to end up with a new search provider, homepage and browser toolbar then you have to select the second "Custom Installation" method and have to manually uncheck those check-boxes .


After using the utility I noticed an icon on my desktop saying "Get The Best Facebook Chat Messenger". When I opened it, it was a program called "ftalk". It's a Facebook messenger and notifier for your desktop. "ftalk" also includes the same toolbar, search options. There was no mention of "ftalk" during FixBee installation. Even though FixBee UI looks nice , clean ,simple and it has two options of "Disk Optimize (defragmenter)" and "System Cleanup", but neither of them are too good or exceptional. In fact another very well known freeware utilities  "CCleaner" and "Defraggler" does a much better job than this program. And after noticing the third party icon on my desktop, my impression towards this program has became even worse. I will advice you to stay away from this software.